Frequently Asked Questions

Are the captains licensed?

Yes, are all of our captains are Licensed through the United States Coast Guard and have been through extensive training for passenger safety.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we have liability insurance for you the customer/passenger the whole time your on our vessel.

Do we need to get a Florida Fishing License?

No, are boats carry a commercial fishing license for you, so you are legal to fish, catch and keep the fish on your trip as long as the fish are in season and of correct legal size.

Is there parking where we leave from?

Yes we leave and come back to same location on all trips.  We have a secure parking lot with easy access to the docks.

Do we need money once we leave the dock?

Its always a good idea to bring your wallet, if you would like to stop at a local establishment on the water ~resturant or marina~we can! Its your trip!  Also cash is king for tipping your captain and mate.

How old do you have to be to go on a trip?

There is no age requirement or limit. We love kids & families!! Any age is welcomed and no one will be left out of the fun. Do keep in mind that the boat can get rocky at times so we caution pregnant women & those with newborns (under 18 months) to use their discretion for safety. Our captains want everyone safe and in good spirits!

Is it going to be rough? I get sea sick easy!!

Our normal sea conditions here on the gulf coast are primarily calm to flat. Sometimes it can get a little bumpy. If you are unsure and want to prevent sea sickness check with the local pharmacist or doctor for recommendations.

What if we're having fun and want to stay out?

Not a problem! We will work out a deal as long as there is not another trip booked behind you trip.  All you have to do is ask your captain.

What if we're done fishing but don't want to go in?

Not a problem either, you’ve hired us for a period of time~ you can use that time how you wish. If you are done fishing and want to hit some of our local islands for swiming, picnic or snorkeling just let your captain know. We can also bring you on a scenic tour and hopefully find some of our local dolphins.

Am I guaranteed to bring home fish?

Well there is no guarantee on catching all keepers.  But we will guarantee you will catch fish.

Can I bring my own reels and tackle?

Absolutley, we encourage you to bring whatever you want.  Some people have a lucky rod they like to use.  Keep in mind that we are not responsible for any personal tackle brought on board.

Can I bring my handheld GPS?

No!! No need for explanation.

Will my cell phone work?

No guarantees here. Typically after 3 miles the cell phone reception is poor. But your cell will still come in handy for pictures. But be careful, you are on the water. We are not responsible for overboard or wet phones.