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Tarpon Fishing Charters

Siesta Key Charters With Another Big Tarpon!

Siesta Key Charters With Another Big Tarpon!

All Must Bow to the Silver King

Tarpon fishing is as addictive and exciting for the seasoned angler as for the beginner. What sets Tarpon fishing apart from all other species is the end-to-end challenge:

It all starts with the thrill of hunting and stalking that can make you weak in the knees watching a “big girl” turn on your bait. Then comes the jaw-dropping moment when you set the hook and the Tarpon explodes out of the water, defying gravity. Then comes the battle of and endurance as you fight the fish toe-to-toe, applying pressure that tests your tackle…and your will. If your tackle – and luck- holds, you’re treated to another jaw-dropping moment as your Tarpon is brought alongside for a few pictures and a release. You take a deep breath and get a bait ready to do it all over again….

No other sport fish delivers such excitement, raw power, acrobatics and sheer beauty.

Siesta Key and Sarasota Gulf boats one of the finest tarpon fisheries in the world. The tarpon in the Siesta Key area are second to none for size and sheer numbers. Most of the fish range from 50 to 200 plus pounds with the average fish weighing near 100 pounds. Trophy tarpon in these parts reach 200 plus pounds with several examples of .tarpon landed off the beach that tipped the scales at just under 250 pounds. There is likely a world-record tarpon waiting for you. Let’s go!


Releasing a beautiful Siesta Key Tarpon to fight another day!

During the peak tarpon season of May through July, you can expect an average of 8 – 12 hookups per trip, with as many as 20 “shots” on a good day. Even our “slow” days are better than most of the world’s “epic” days, with our clients landing at least one of these magnificent fish. It’s important to remember that tarpon fishing is more about the pursuit and the battle than actually getting the fish alongside. You’ll see what we mean the first time that you “watch the bite and get tight” only to see a six-foot-long Trident missile launch 8 feet out of the water.

No other experience can match the anticipation, excitement, and sheer power of tarpon fishing in Siesta Key and no other charter service can match the experience and dedication of Siesta Key Charters. Let us show you the fishing trip of a lifetime!

 Tarpon Trip Rates:

  • 4 1/2hr Trip 525$
  • 5 1/2hr Trip 650$
  • 6 1/2hr Trip 750$

Price Based on 2 Anglers 50$ for a third Angler